Cue the family at Kew!

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Yours truly, Ali, Ann, Roger, Kate, Oli, Jane, Alison, Chris, Jake, Zidane and Sami

We’re off to Kew Gardens for a family reunion! 👍

The gathering is from Ann’s side of the family – Brother Roger (with Jane and Oli); Cousins Chris (with Kate) and Alison (with Ali, Zidane, Sami and Jake).

We left at 8am and had a pretty good journey there (but an even better one coming home). It’s been a while since we travelled that far south on the M1 and into west London. Not much had changed where the North Circular, South Circular and Hangar Lane were all just as we remember them – busy! Still, we got there in under two hours!

Kew Gardens was very popular – even today, on a Sunday! After grabbing what was probably the last parking space at Brentford Gate, we then joined the pedestrian queue to get in!

We all agreed to meet up at Temperate House and then explore the Gardens as a group.

For late October, the weather was glorious! Maybe a bit nippy when the sun went in, but luckily for us, it was out for the majority of our time there.

We weren’t expecting to see a tree-top walkway, but there it was!

…with some splendid views…

A bit wobbly in places though! Not for those who suffer with either vertigo and/or sea-sickness! 😯

Next stop: The Glasshouse

We enjoyed the lunch together, and then made our final stop, the Princess of Wales Conservatory…

Phew! I think we’re all kewed-out!! It had been a great day and a beautiful place to catch up with the family!

The Hive
Kew Palace (Previous home to King George III)

We took a quick look at The Hive (but declined the invitation ‘to look inside’. Ann and I then said our goodbyes just after 2pm in order to beat the traffic.

I think for the first time ever we had a jam-free journey home arriving indoors just before 4.45pm. 👍

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