Ashmolean (again!)

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We never turn down an opportunity to visit The Ashmolean (having been there in November 2011, March 2012, September 2013, March 2014, May 2018 and August 2021).

Elias Ashmole – thank heavens he was a hoarder!

Yes, it’s no surprise then, that this Museum is probably our favourite out of any of those we’ve visited ANYWHERE! 😁.

On this occasion, it was to meet up with Cousins, Chris and Kate and grab lunch on the rooftop restaurant too! πŸ‘πŸ‘

We had a trouble-free journey there and after parking at Peartree Park ‘n’ Ride, we arrived just before 11am. Our Cousins arrived shortly afterwards and we were soon soaking up what the Ashmolean had to offer!

There’s always an exhibit that surprises its visitors, either because of its uniqueness, its age or its value – and today was no exception! How about the actual clothing worn by T E Lawrence aka ‘Lawrence of Arabia’?. It was in such good condition too! Wow! 😲

Lunch in their rooftop restaurant turned out to be a delight (contrary to many of the recent posts online) – great food that was very tasty with great service to match! πŸ‘πŸ‘

After Lunch, we had a further (quick) look around the Museum and then said our goodbyes. Our journey home was also trouble-free and we were indoors with a cuppa my 4.35pm. Today had been a great day out with our cousins! 😍

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