Dubious Dovecote and a Great Garden!

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Off to the Dovecote Buttery today for Sunday lunch with Helen. We haven’t been here for about a year – and it was good to be back. Well, that’s how we felt when we arrived! Disappointingly, the place was so busy, the service levels fell well below how we remember it. Additionally, the food was just OK rather than excellent! ☹️

For me, the Sausage & Mash, whilst Ann and Helen had the Roast Lamb. We nearly skipped Dessert because we’d promised Rosi – our next stop – we’d be at hers by 2pm – and the clock was ticking with no sign of the table being cleared nor an opportunity to order Pud!!! 😠. After a bit of frantic hand-waving in the direction of the staff, we were able to place our order, but by then were ready to leave.

Bakewell Tart for the girls and Banoffee Pie for me all went down a treat, but I wouldn’t have minded a bit longer to savour the flavour!! πŸ˜‹

All-in-all then, today was well below par. With so many other places to eat in our immediate area, I’m afraid that this one might drop of our list! πŸ€”

And if that wasn’t enough to dissuade us, when we got home, we found that we’d been charged for a drink we didn’t have! 🀬. It was 2.20pm and time to leave.

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Next stop was round to Rosi’s to view their garden as part of the ‘National Garden Scheme’. In spite of the recent drought, the garden was in rude health – and I’ve never seen a lawn so green (Well done Dave!) πŸ˜‰.

It was pretty well supported too! β€” there were at least 20 other people looking around as we arrived. Dave commented that they’d seen about 40 people today! Great stuff! πŸ‘πŸ‘

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