Family Outing – Hampton Court (2022)

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Jake, Sami, Zidane, Jane, Alison, Roger, Ann, Saffy, Oliver and yours truly

Yes, it’s that time again when we have a day out with Ann’s side of the family. Last time, last year (back in October, 21) the venue-of-choice was Kew Gardens and before that, Shuttleworth in July, 2021. This year’s venue? Hampton Court Palace! Just a few of us MiA this time around – Chris & Kate plus Ali.

We set off just before 8.20am and had a smooth journey there – arriving just after 10.30. We parked just a ten-minute walk away but with the weather in full ‘scorchio’ mode, it still felt like a full-scale sweatfest, taking the walk to the Palace!!

By just after 11, we were all assembled in the Tiltyard Café. Time for some brief nibbles and a drink before taking on this massive Palace!

Logic would have suggested (given that the outside temperature was increasing by the minute) seeing the Gardens first and then the Palace. However, for reasons that weren’t clear, we all headed for the Palace! 🤔. It was now about 11.45am and the outside temperature was 31 degrees! In fact, it was so hot, my phone-camera gave up saying it was too hot to use (that was a first) severely limiting the amount of photos that I took today.


I originally thought that I hadn’t been here since I was about 12, but Ann recalled us visiting around 20 years ago. Whatever the year, it all looked very unfamiliar! 😕 – but two words immediately sprang to mind describing the interiors of the various rooms – lavish and plentiful. There was certainly plenty to see as we travelled around what seemed like dozens of rooms. It all felt like really great value for our £20 entrance fee. It was clear to see, eyeing the numerous tapestries, paintings and fireplaces, that no expense had been spared on making ‘Henry’s House’ an impressive place – and we hadn’t looked around outside yet!


It was back to the Café for a light lunch before exploring the exterior of the Palace and the Gardens.

With my phone overheating, the limited number of shots (above and later) didn’t really do justice to the scale of the Gardens. It seemed to be the perfect location for a gentle stroll, a picnic, a spot of sunbathing – or just soaking-up the beauty of the manicured-within-an-inch-of-their-life trees and the various floral planting schemes.


By about 3.15, we were melting and we also only had around 30 minutes left on our ticket in the car-park. Our last stop was the ‘Great Vine’ – the largest in the world, apparently! 😲

And just a quick ‘thanks’ to our mates Roy & Susan who introduced us earlier in the week to surely the best invention ever for these unprecedented weather conditions – the portable neck fan!. Available from all good fan shops, but we got ours from Amazon HERE. An absolute godsend today!

It had been a great day, and good to catch-up again with the family. I think we could have easily spent another five hours there learning even more about this impressive location but it was maybe a little too hot for us two, and that slowed us down quite a bit. We said our goodbyes and headed back to the car, this time using the trees en-route as shade for our return walk.

It wasn’t a bad journey home with hardly any congestion anywhere, and we were indoors by about 5.50pm. 😃😃👍

Next family outing? Hatfield House in 2023. 👍

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