Oxford/Rosi’s Party

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Gosh, we haven’t been to Oxford for ages!

The Ashmolean Museum - Oxford

We left around 8.30, had a good run, and caught the park-and-ride into the city centre (that’s me on a bus TWICE this year!!!!). A quick look round the shops (where I got my dress shoes for the wedding and a couple of pairs of jeans) and then it was off to meet Lynn at the Ashmolean Museum.

Lynn had managed to bag some tickets for the hour-long tour and it was brilliant! I hadn’t realised this museum had such amazing stuff! – the lantern used by Guy Fawkes (how appropriate for today!); the first and last pound note and plenty of other curious exhibits. We definitely need to go back there again and do the place in more detail!

Lynn treated us to lunch at the Museum and we got home around 4pm. Just in time a for a chill-out before Rosi’s Birthday bash tonight.







Rosi’s birthday party was at the Red Lion in Cranford. The neighbours were there too (Paul, Karen, Tom, Julie, Stefan, Debbi, John and Trish) and with the rest of Rosi’s family and friends, we filled the place nicely. A live Band – just the two of them (think they were called ‘Liaison’ – a female lead and a male guitarist were excellent – especially the guitar breaks on Hotel California and Another Brick in the Wall) kept the evening going and the dance-floor busy. Chilli on demand went down well in the packed room, although queuing at the Bar for drinks was a bit of a challenge because of the number of people. There was even a firework display too – brilliant!

Fun was had by all, including Tom, who slipped into a Dick van Dyke black-and-white number and entertained the audience in the final hour – how does he do those falls without squashing his goolies????

It was a great evening, but when the music switched to ‘90’s Techno’, we saw it as our cue to leave! Where’s the Ovaltine :)))

We got home around midnight – thanks Rosi, we had a great time!

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