Olney another Birthday!

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Celebrations began early this year for Ann’s birthday!

Yesterday, it was down to Ann’s brother for a celebratory Birthday Lunch – and it didn’t disappoint! πŸ‘ Roast Lamb, cooked to perfection and bags of opportunities to catch up with all Roger, Jane and Oli’s news!

Today, just before 9.30, we headed over to MK for a generous slice of retail therapy to follow-up on some online searching for a pair of suitable suitcases! Living the dream, ehh?!?! πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«. Actually, I had plans to offer to buy Ann some jewellery …or some clothes …or some shoes, but we didn’t really see anything that jumped out at us, and we left MK feeling slightly underwhelmed.

Next stop, was the quaint town of Olney

Olney is on the route back from MK to ours and I think we’ve spent most of our lives driving THROUGH it over the years! It’s a lovely place, full of lots of independent shops – some with prices to match! πŸ˜‰

We hadn’t booked, but we took a chance of grabbing a table at Olney’s famous Cherry Tree Bistro. It was a first visit for us, but it had a good reputation, so we were looking forward to the experience.

Well, given it was a Monday, we weren’t expecting it to be very busy, but it soon filled up (mainly with ‘ladies who lunch’) – and that was surely a good sign! Actually, it was!! Friendly service with food freshly cooked meant we were soon tucking-in to our respective choices. Sausages and Mash for me, whilst Ann opted for the Bolognese Pizza.

We were home just after 3 where all that was left to do was for Ann to open her pressies and cards – and there were plenty of each! Lucky girl!! 😍

Happy Birthday Mrs P! πŸ’–

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