Holiday Blog Day 2 – Bordeaux (Birthday Girl!)

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We ate an Indian last night. ‘Punjab’ – it was packed!! Not a patch on ‘Mazzas’ though, and it was strange to experience a French man looking and sounding Indian!

Ann’s Birthday today! Lots of nice cards. I bought her three DVDs ‘Casino Royale’, ‘Elizabeth I’ and ‘The Queen’. I also bought her a subscription to ‘At Home’ magazine (a sort of mix between a cookery and travel magazine).

We both had a lie in but that was mainly because the clocks obviously went forward here by an hour as well…so we were TWO hours out of sync when we woke up.

We took the train to Arcachon (on the west coast). Rain, rain and more rain – the weather was horrible. It’s a seaside town that in the Summer (or when the sun is shining) would have been a lovely place to be! Not today!

So, we jumped back on the train and headed back to Bordeaux. After getting off the train, it was just a short tram-ride and we were then within walking distance of our hotel. We stopped off for lunch at ‘Les Provinces’, (next to the Indian restaurant we ate at last night). We enjoyed a full three courses for 12 Euros Ann tucked into steak, and I chose the duck (and chips!). Half a bottle of wine and two apéritifs only brought the bill to a tad under 39 Euros – excellent value and lightning fast service too!!!

A short stagger round the shops and then back to the hotel for a siesta – and a catch-up with all the reading material from home that we’ve accrued over the last few months.

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