Holiday Blog Day 1 – Fly to Bordeaux

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We left around 7.15am (hooray, a lie in!) and had a really good journey to Birmingham Airport. Parked easily and got a bus straightaway. We checked in and were air-side by 8.50. We were surprised to learn that those little Ambrosia rice pots were not allowed onboard – there goes breakfast! I wonder how much food they end up confiscating at Security…?

A pretty smooth flight courtesy of BMI Baby, although Ann discovered that you are not allowed to paint your nails on-board now because of the fumes recirculating around the plane. We’re not sure whether that’s a new rule or and existing one resurrected in these times of heightened security!

We landed in a chilly Bordeaux at around 2pm local time, heading by taxi to ‘Hotel de la Presse’ where we’ll be staying for the next few days.

We had a quick walk around the town to get our bearings. First impressions are good. It’s very clean and the whole town centre has been pedestrianised. That didn’t stop me nearly getting run down by a tram though!

Looks like we’re within walking distance of a dozen or so French restaurants plus two Chinese, a Moroccan and an Indian! And if you fancy something truly international, there’s a Mcdonald’s next to our Hotel too! So, we’ll probably eat out tonight

More tomorrow…

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