Holiday Blog Day 3 – Bordeaux

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Ahh that's more like it! Up at 7am for an early breakfast. We then plan to take the tram to the station and then jump on the ultra-punctual 09.23 TGV to 'Agen'. Agen is the French capital for rugby and prunes! (According the guide-book though, 'Prunes D'Agen' don't comes form Agen). Looks like I'll therefore miss my opportunity for jokes about 'regular visits' etc!

Shades of 'Midland Mainline' a few minutes later, when the tannoy announcement warns us that the TGV will be late. As it turns out, it's an obstacle on the line and the train will be running behind by 1 hour 45 minutes. Err, 'Plan B' then, as it's too cold to sit around in the station for another two hours. Back on the tram to the Cathedral area of Bordeaux for a well-deserved coffee and cake before a thorough exploration of the area.

Then it was back to 'Les Provinces' for the obligatory 'three-course-meal-for-12-Euros plus copious amounts of red wine. Excellent food and service – just like yesterday!

Whilst we're able to walk, we're going to absorb a little more of the French retail culture before our blood-streams absorb the alcohol. A race against the clock then!!!

Whilst still able to walk-and-talk, we need to book a taxi with the hotel for tomorrow to get us to the airport for our flight south – the flight is at 7.45am which means we need to check-in at 6.45..which means leaving at 6am, getting up at 5!

Hope the weather's a bit warmer than here, although in the afternoon, things did warm-up a little here – just our luck…!

We're all shopped-out now. Time for feet-up and a read…

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