Holiday Blog Day 4 – Fly to Nice

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The taxi picked us up at 6am to take us to the airport – just a short 20 minutes drive. No time for breakfast at the hotel, so we opted for the ‘big’ petit dejeuner at the airport. The plane boarded at 8.15 – we were just about awake by then!

We landed safely in Nice and it felt much warmer here! We took the local train to Antibes where the next hotel is. It was then a shortish taxi ride to “Hotel la Jabotte“. My first impressions were interesting! The rooms are very ‘compact and bijoux’. Luckily we didn’t bring the cats as there wouldn’t have been room to swing them!! The room is about twice the size of the downstairs study at home!

We took a walk towards the town and ended up eating at the ‘Café des Chineurs’. We had eaten here before – last September as part of our cruise – although I reckon the food wasn’t quite as good as we remember it.

We’ll probably look for somewhere to eat tonight in Antibes town.

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