Cats in../Shuckburgh Arms

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The cats went in for their normal ‘wash-and-brush-up’ today. I’m so glad we changed the cycle from six weeks to four – their winter coat (especially Bon-Bon’s) has already become a total mess in less than a month!

Patsy and Sheila did a great job on them both – especially Bon-Bon – they didn’t even need to shave off any of her fur, but Bon-Bon managed to take a lump out of Sheila’s arm in the process! Eeek!

In the evening, we joined David and Val for monthly meal out. This time is was a return to the Shuckburgh Arms in Stoke Doyle (we haven’t been since March, and it’s just over a year since we first went there). I’d forgotten how good the food was. David and I indulged in starters – the crispy duck. For the mains, it was chicken for Ann, cottage pie for Val, Veal for me and hotpot for David. We were stuffed, but maybe just room for dessert!!!

Home around 10ish.

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