Hair, Cats and Arms

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It was another one of those Saturdays, where there was lots going on (in a good way!). First stop for me was Parkway Hair Salon – and increasingly, the visits, just like my hair are much shorter these days! I got home around 10.15 where Ann took the car and dropped the cats off at Patsy’s for their six-weekly wash and brush up,

After lunch, I picked up the cats, who were slightly grumpy having, as normal been trimmed, bathed and covered in baby-talc! They weren’t as grumpy as the other Persian I saw there who had to be virtually scalped because of all the knots in her fur! Poor bugger!!!!

We finished the day by visiting The Shuckburgh Armsfor an early evening meal. We both had the Blade of Beef and it was superb!. Melt-in-the-mouth stuff and that went for the Sticky Toffee Pudding too!

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