RIP Biscuit

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The Kittens in 2005! Biscuit (on the left) with her sister ‘Bon Bon’

Today, we bid a sad farewell to Biscuit.

Over the past six-months her health had really started to deteriorate, and based on our previous experience of owning Persians, by the time they get to 14, they’re suffering.

Biscuit was fourteen-and-a-quarter! ?

Biscuit in recent times

With her sister passing back in August 2017, she had become ‘top-cat’ (literally) here in the years that followed – and was in rude health. It was only really at the start of this year that we started to notice a deterioration.

Long-story-short, in recent months she’d lost the sight in one eye and had a abscess on her face that refused to heal, regularly spouting blood (and yukky ‘stuff’). A course of anti-biotics seemed to help a little, but by last weekend, she was stumbling around, walking into things, refusing to jump up (or down).

Vacant Home! ?

And to make matters worse, to us, it seemed like she’d now lost her sight in the other eye too. She was completely lethargic, not eating, not drinking and not responding to any petting either. A shadow of her former self and not the Biscuit we remember, it was a real sad sight and some action was required.

So, we made the call to the local Vet and secured a 5.45pm appointment. I guess the weather was appropriate for the situation – it had rained all day and it was very cold. As we took the last walk from the car to her final appointment, the weather deteriorated even further and it felt like a day in darkest November! Truly depressing in every sense!

We were seen more-or-less on time and all credit to the Veterinary Practice – and Paul in particular – in that they talked us through the various options for Biscuit going forward. Ultimately, in both our heads we had already decided that Biscuit had suffered enough. We said our final goodbyes and Biscuit was taken away for her final sleepover.

Biscuit – ‘Villiers Golden Biscuit’
Born: 10 March 2005
Died: 10 June 2019
Lived for: 5206 days
14 years, 3 months, 1 day

It hit us hard – not immediately – but it did hit us! We consoled ourselves in that we’d done the right thing. She’d had a very pampered life and all us humans who were part of her life had enjoyed her company.

Biscuit came from a great stock!
The last photo of Biscuit – 4th June 2019

Time for both of us to drop-off the radar for a spell, whilst we process all of this. ?

We picked up her Ashes on Wednesday, 19th June

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