Bon-Bon is Missing!

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This is really weird!

Bon-Bon is the sort of cat who likes to take it easy. Very easy! They say that dog’s have owners whilst cats have ‘staff’ – Our two cats just have ‘chilling-out’ as an Olympic sport!!!

She’s not interested in climbing fences or chasing birds – she just watches other do that! If it was our other cat, Biscuit, we wouldn’t have worried quite so much about not seeing her for a while, as she often goes ‘walkabout’.

It all seems very strange. It was a dry, warm day here yesterday, so as normal, the cats were in and out of the garden. I was at home all day (apart from popping round to David’s at lunchtime) but at around 4ish, I realised I hadn’t seen Bon-Bon for a while. I left it for a bit, because even with Bon-Bon’s sloth-like approach to life, she may have been mooching around the garden’s undergrowth somewhere.

Three hours later, there was still no sign of her, so now we were getting really worried! But, you know what cats are like, they can tuck themselves in the craziest of places and stay very quiet – in short, if they don’t want to be found, they won’t be! We checked the inside of the house (and the garden) over and over again – all the normal places, and then all the ABnormal places: airing cupboard, inside the washing machine, the garage, the area outside the front of the house and finally, next door’s garden, but there was still no sign of her.

When we went to bed just before 10.30, the situation hadn’t changed.

As expected, we had a restless night, and when we got up, we were half-expecting to see her with her little nose pressed up against the patio, looking in…

No such luck!

It’s the first time since we’ve owned the cats, that Bon-Bon had decided to go travelling. Of the two cats, she is the least street-wise of the pair, so that’s an extra concern in itself. I’m going to spend the morning popping a flyer through the front doors of the surrounding houses, hoping that she’s shacked-up somewhere.

This is getting really worrying – Bon-Bon is definitely missing!

Sad smile Sad smile

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