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Well, what a surprise The O2 turned out to be! We haven’t been there since it was called The Millennium Dome back in 1999 – 10 years ago!

The interior has been completely transformed. It now houses dozens of restaurants; a cinema; a theatre and major concert arena. Not to mention the dodgem cars!!

It was absolutely heaving when we arrived on Saturday night at around 6.30. My immediate reaction was that it felt like a town within a town and it could have been anywhere in the World. It must have certainly revitalised the area of Greenwich and it was interesting to see the age range of people there. From spritely young things in micro-mini skirts that barely adhered to the definition of a ‘skirt’ (phew!) to ageing citizens like us – all of us seemed to be on purposeful missions either going to, or coming from, some activity or event. It was clearly a fashion victims’ oasis too, and there were plenty of examples of people who didn’t have the age nor the shape for some of the revealing attire. Some scary sites that reminded me of firstly, dogs, and secondly elephants! Strange! 

The place we thought was simply a restaurant – Thai Silk – seemed to be the main attraction – especially after the main events had finished. Bouncers at every point, scanners to search those going in and massive queues!

I think we’ll probably return there sometime soon, as it’s a massive place to explore and the transport links to and from are excellent. There is also obviously more fashion victims to look-out for!! 🙂

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