Happy 12th Birthday Moggies!

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Biscuit and Bon-Bon
When they were younger (3 months old)

The Moggies turned 12 today – that makes them around 64 in ‘human years’.

Habits-wise, they’re very much the same – they still wake us up at whatever time suits them (2.45am seems favourite at the mo’) to let them out; they still prefer dry cat food to wet; they’ll do anything for Dreamies and they still have their favourite sleeping places (minimum criteria: warm, soft and wherever possible, above ground).

We’ve tended to assume that they’ll both go on forever, but in the past year, we’ve definitely noticed them slowing-down a bit. Biscuit doesn’t seem to want to scale high fences anymore (good!). When she’s indoors, she’ll now always use the route that results in the shortest jump to the ground (even though it results in a much longer journey overall).

Bon-Bon is even less energetic and hasn’t fared so well health-wise. In recent weeks has been to the Vets where she ‘enjoyed’ being on a drip for three days plus a cocktail of drugs. As I write this blog, she’s on the mend, but has lost a lot of weight.

Biscuit at 12

Bon-Bon at 12

Our previous two Persians (Mumsy and Bubsy) made it to almost 15 and 14 years old respectively and so over the next few years we recognise that we’ll be making trips to and from the Vets a bit more often!
Sad smile

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