Cuts, Cats and Wellingtons

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It’s another of our action-packed Saturdays after a relatively quiet week (I’m sure that should be the other way around!). First, I drove over to Peterborough, to reveal my ears and more of my forehead. Second, I handed over the car-keys and Ann to take the cats in for their six-weekly wash-‘n’-brushup with Patsy. The highlight though, was to see our good friends Mick and Jane in Peterborough, for our twice-yearly catch-up. We had an interesting journey as we got within a mile of their house having temporarily forgotten where they lived!

So, slightly late (and slightly red-faced), we parked the car, said hello and immediately started the process of catching-up. And we had a lot of catching-up to do as it’s been about EIGHT months since we last saw each other. Half-an-hour later, with the ping of the oven timer providing our cue, we were sitting down to eat, feasting on mini-soufflés for starters, then Beef Wellington and finally Sticky Toffee Pudding (all home-cooked). Yummy!

We left around 10.15, where the weather had slowly deteriorated into a cold sleet-like rain. Yuk! The forecast for the next day is MORE snow which isn’t going to make Ann’s travelling any easier for the coming week!

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