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Develo 500 Wirless Plus

Those who are ever-so-slightly ‘tech-phobic’ look away now, or click HERE for something prettier.

This is my latest ‘toy’ – say hello to the Devolo dLAN 500 Wireless+. It looks ever-so-similar to the gizmo I fitted last year when we had satellite broadband installed, but there IS a difference. Those who don’t need SpecSavers will immediately spot the curvy blue lines on the box cover emanating from the device – and that’s the clue.

In the latest development from those clever people at Devolo, they’ve taken the concept of network-connectivity-via-a-mains-socket to its natural conclusion – and added a wireless booster option. So, if like me, and your router is a long way away from where you sometimes need a signal, this is for you. It adds an additional wi-fi network that feeds off your main router’s, and provides you with a much better wireless signal where you need it. Before I Installed this gizmo, I was getting just ONE bar downstairs, now it’s ALL bars!


The only challenge on the day of installation, was to change the password and rename the SSID (the ‘name’ that displays when your device is looking for the network). The product is relatively new, so there was nothing from Mr Google and so, (much against my nature), I had to ring their technical help-desk. After two attempts, I finally got through and the helpful chappy suggested, as a start, I switch off my Anti Virus and Firewall temporarily. I was dubious, but as soon as I did, an extra option appeared in the PC-based software menu. And in spite of being told that I couldn’t change the SSID – only the password, I WAS able to do both!

Smile Smile

For the super-techies out there, if you need to access the device to get ‘under the bonnet’, I used the following address from within my browser – not sure whether that’ll work for everyone though!

Any comments?