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Biscuit, our chocolate Persian cat has decided that in spite of her pampered life style here, she also needs to randomly scale the fence and go ‘walk-about’. Sometimes it’s for a few hours, sometimes longer! She always comes back though!

Before – As things used to be

She’s quite canny – she jumps on the top of one of our larger flower-pots and uses that to shorten the leap, then walks along the top of the fence – and disappears in any one of three neighbours’ gardens!

Well, that’s all too stressful for us! And after trying (and failing!) to use various everyday objects around the garden to limit her launch-pads – more drastic action was required!

So, David and I took a trip to Wickes and stocked-up on wood to create an extra trellis to sit on the top of the existing fence. Three-and-a-half hours and 147 screws later (yes, I did count them!), we almost finished the job, before running out of raw materials.

After – Stalag Pemberley

Weather permitting, we should finish the job tomorrow.

Don’t you just love cats?!?!?

Any comments?