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Yes, it’s that time of year again where I frustrate the hell out of those around me, and try to stick my self-enforced ‘Lent diet’. Depending on what you read, and where you read it, Lent seems to FINISH on different days. I’m working with the Ash-Wednesday-to-Holy-Saturday version, and although technically, I can give myself Sundays ‘off’ – I’m not going to!

For me then, Lent this year, is from Wednesday, February 18th until Saturday, 4th April.

Lent List for 2015
2015’s ‘No-Go’ list – click on the pic, if you want to ‘go large’

Yes, I know, I’m completely bonkers to deny myself all this delicious food and drink, but I do have a motive. Our lifestyle is such that I’m lucky enough to be able to afford to eat most things that take my fancy – others aren’t so lucky, so this is my ‘bit’ of self-denial, together with a suitable period of reflection, for those less fortunate than me. The ‘Lent List’ above is made up mainly of the food and drink I really love, rather than just a random list of bits and pieces (and consequently, that adds to the challenge).

Since I started all this back in 2010, I’ve tried to add items to the list each year to make it even harder (it shouldn’t be TOO easy a list should it?!), and, as a result, the whole ‘event’ has turned into a good test of self-discipline too!

The final reason is that my waistline still thinks it’s Christmas – and I could do with a bit of help there too!!

This year, I’m avoiding 35 items – that’s 9 more than last year, so I anticipate it being really challenging this time round. As a slight compromise, I’ve taken Guinness OFF the list (it’s been on there since 2010), because during 2015’s period of Lent, we’re taking a short break to Dublin – and the hotel is opposite the Guinness factory! …it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t do the Factory Tour would it???

Guinness - Yummy!
Guinness – NOT part of my 35-a-day

Last year, for the first time, I also weighed myself daily, to see what difference it was making. After a slow start, I did, in the end, manage to shed about half-a-stone – and that was very pleasing!

I guess the only downside to all of this is that it piles up the pressure (in terms of food preparation) on WHERE I’m eating and WHO the poor soul is, in charge of the food – although I did get Pizza Express one year to make me a pizza WITHOUT any cheese – result!!

So, if you see me during this period, try not to tempt me!! – thank you!!!!

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