Roger, Jane and Oliver for Lunch

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Roger, Jane and Oliver joined us for lunch. Lee wasn’t able to make it has she was suffering with a bad back. The weather continued to be as atrocious as ever and it rained for most of the day. Taking the cats over to Patsy for their normal wash-and-brush took a little longer as the weather slowed the traffic down considerably and a lot of the drains were overflowing – yuk!

Oliver was a boisterous as ever – and that made the day even more fun! Lunch was the typically extravagant affair where roast chicken and pheasant were on the menu. Pavlova and Christmas Pudding  followed after a short pause whilst I was out picking-up the cats and then we all tackled the cheese course!

We spent the afternoon chatting about this-and-that and after a refreshing cuppa said our good-byes just after 4.

All that was left to do now was to clear up the kitchen! How can so few people make so much washing-up! 🙂

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