Boxing Day 2012

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Lee stayed overnight and today we drove down to Mum’s today to take her out for Christmas Lunch. Neil and Debbie had her over to theirs yesterday, and so today, it was our turn.

When we left just before 9, the roads were pretty much deserted going down and we made good time arriving just after 10..30. We had a good natter before we headed off to The Apefield Inn, just up the road where we’ve been a few times before, We’d booked our table ages ago and pre-booked our choices, so it ought to have been easy-peasy. Just our luck! On one of the few days in the year where we get to take Mum out, the meal was a disaster from start to finish. Service and the food was well below their normal standard – and changing the menu didn’t help!

Unfortunately, that took the ‘edge off’ the event for us and on leaving, I took the opportunity to have a private word with the duty manager. The result was a heart-felt apology from him plus a sizeable discount off of the bill! Shame the couldn’t get it right in the first place though! Mum’s decided that she’s never going back there again – and that’ll make future trips interesting as there’s not a lot of choice in the immediate area.

Once back at the flat, we settled down for nice cuppa and dissected the disaster – that made us all feel better. 🙂

We left around 2ish where the weather by now had deteriorated into light rain. The traffic was much heavier on the way back, and by the time we got to the M11 the rain had become torrential, making the journey more difficult. Still, we were indoors by 4.30, where it was time for another cuppa – it gave one more opportunity to moan to each other about lunch!!!

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