Family ‘Who’s Who’ and Technology Sunday

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We drove down to my brother, Neil’s today. Partly to catch-up, and partly to take delivery of two new additions to the family! – a couple of Windows 7 PCs.

With the business coming to an end on the 31st, it was a good opportunity to review the condition of the existing PCs (and peripherals) here and make some big decisions. The trusty Dell machine that’s served me well for nearly 10 years or more, was being put out of its misery after it developed an ongoing fault of randomly crashing on a regular basis. Ann’s PC downstairs (that Neil also built some years ago) has also become so slow, it’s a real pain to use. In addition, I’ve no use for my Dell laptop now, so that’s being passed onto Neil’s kids as well as one of our colour printers – the Pixma 640. Last of all, the ageing PC that been mainly used to back up data was taking so long to boot, that there was only one place for it – the scrap heap or the spares bin!

So, with the Fiesta packed to capacity we set off around 9am for the 100 mile-or-so trip. It was typical Sunday traffic on the way down – light – so we had a good journey. By 11.30 we’d unloaded all the PCs and peripherals and were chatting over a cuppa.

A quick look at the two new PCs showed that Neil had done a fantastic job on creating two pukka-PCs out of spares – and he’d even managed to install most of the software that we’ll need too! Result!!

Lunch was a table buffet and it was good for all of us to sit together round the table and chat. As a family, we don’t do it that often and it’s always great fun when we do! Debbie found some old family photographs and we were soon trying to determine the who, where and  when. Some of them had the location scribbled on the back, but none had dates! We also noticed the physical resemblance between Neil’s boys Alfie and Frankie and Neil and I when we were their age – spooky or what!

The time flew, and at 3.30, we realised we ought to be heading home in order to dodge the traffic. We said our good-byes and were soon heading north. The traffic turned out to be very light – even for a Sunday – and we had a jam-free journey home. These days it’s impossible to do the journey in less than two hours (even though it’s only 100 miles!) – and today was no exception – the plethora of speed cameras doesn’t help!

It was great to catch-up and we’re going to plan to see (even) more of them during 2013.

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