Coronavirus: ‘Freedom Day’

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Today was supposed to be a day of celebration when everything returned to normal for us here in England!

‘Freedom Day’, as it became dubbed by the Media, was promised to be the day when we all got our lives back.

The bottom line? – best not to ditch those face-coverings just yet!! 😯

Mixed messages in recent weeks, together with a rise in case numbers and deaths, meant today felt like a bit of a non-event, rather than a ‘dancing in the streets’ opportunity.

The ‘numbers’ as of Monday evening
(Source: Daily Telegraph)

Even though most of the restrictions are now lifted, the State was telling us to ‘be cautious‘ and left it to individuals to ‘make their own decision‘. The result? The day simply became one of trying to make sense of it all.

And in a strange twist of fate, both BoJo and Rishi Sunak (The Chancellor) were having to self-isolate, having been pinged because the Health Minister, Sajid David, tested positive. ☹️

So, where are we, with the ‘new normal’?

© BBC News

At 5pm, the PM led a TV Press Briefing, whilst self-isolating. He was supported by regulars Jonathan Van-Tam and Sir Patrick Vallance. Probably the most significant piece of news was aimed at Nightclubs and other ‘big events’. From the end of September, you will need to have been double-jabbed to get in! Ouch!

It all turned out to be a day that didn’t feel much like freedom at all. 😠

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