Tiers for Fears

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At just after 11.30 this morning, the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock announced from the House of Commons which-areas-were-in-which-tier. Unfortunately, just before the announcement, the Government website that listed the tier-breakdown in more detail buckled under the sheer volume of people all trying to type in their post-code! ? These new restrictions kick-in next week – December 2nd.

For us, here n Northamptonshire, we’re in Tier 2 (as expected) ? ‘High Alert’, but some of our friends’ fears have been realised and found themselves in a more restrictive situation – Tier 3! ?. Residents of the Scilly Isles, Isle of Wight and Cornwall are probably smiling as they were the only areas in Tier 1. According to official figures, 23,347,218 people are in Tier 3, whilst 32,226,170 will be in Tier 2.

As expected, some regional Mayors weren’t happy with the designations and nor were some Tory MPs. It’s all going to be looked at again on December 15th, but for the time being, we’re all going to have to navigate around these tighter rules.

See you on the other side… ??

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