TV: The Crown (Series 4)

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After much hype and anticipation, at just after 10.30am, the mighty Netflix marketing machine swung into action announcing that The Crown (Series 4) was available to binge-watch! 😃

It was a very powerful opening episode, and we narrowly avoided the temptation of binge-watching the whole series based on how good this single episode was! We’re going to try and ration ourselves to just one episode per week! (but I have a feeling that our good intentions won’t last! 😁).

Great acting and direction from all concerned – as usual – and series-newcomer Gillian Anderson makes a spookily good Margaret Thatcher! 👍

As expected, the Royal Family are somewhat upset by their depiction – especially Prince Charles. Perhaps a reminder that this is a drama not a documentary might help!

Go watch!!!

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