‘Doctor Who Festive Special’ Announced: ‘Revolution of the Daleks’

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7.24pm: Just before the Strictly Come Dancing results show last night the BBC showed the trailer for this year’s Doctor Who festive special. Actually, it caught a few of us out, as the rumour was that it was going to be on after the show, just before the latest episode of His Dark Materials.

I caught 99.9% of it live. There wasn’t a lot that I hadn’t already guessed, but the most important fact was when it’s going to be on! Not over Christmas, but in keeping with previous years: New Year’s Day.

We’ve got Daleks (a new design, that predictably, has split opinion); the return of John Barrowman MBE as Captain Jack Harkness; Dame Harriet Walter (as yet playing an un-named character, but I think she’ll play the PM) and also Chris Noth as the disgraced character, Jack Robertson from the previous episode ‘Arachnids in the UK‘.

Chris Chibnall ©Wikipedia

The episode is entitled: Revolution of the Daleks where the show’s executive producer Chris Chibnall said: “You can expect something very special this year… we’ve crammed this year’s Festive Special with an explosion of extraordinary acting talent… and things will explode. Promise”.

Oh, and if the grapevine is true, we’re going to lose a couple of series regulars too! From what I’ve read, one of them looks like it’ll be Bradley Walsh, but I’m not sure of the other. If it does turn out to be true, in my view, that’s a good thing! The Tardis may be ‘bigger on the inside’ but the whole Doctor/Companion thing just hasn’t worked with so many characters. ?

Hhmmm! I’m reserving judgment on this episode. In the previous two series, Jodie Whittaker (as good an actor as she is) didn’t really feel like ‘my Doctor’. Additionally, the slightly lame plots with too little for ALL the companions to do, left me feeling very disappointed. ?

Update Wednesday, 2nd December: Chris Chibnall confirmed it’s a 70-minuter! ?

Update Wednesday, 2nd December: Actor, Tosin Cole, who plays Ryan Sinclair confirms he’s leaving the series. Based on the storyline so far, best stock-up on tissues ?

Update Thursday, 3rd December: It starts at 6.45pm.

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