Doctor Who – Series 11, Episode 4 – ‘Arachnids in the UK’

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Ooo-err missus! As the title suggests, it’s not an episode to watch if you’ve any issues with spiders!

More importantly though, four episodes in, did this story have legs? Well, the straight-into-the-title-sequence still takes a bit of getting used to, but that’ll pass, so back to the story itself. Unlike last week’s episode, this one is set firmly in the here-and-now. The opening scene sees the Doctor’s Companions Friends arriving home in Sheffield – and saying farewell to our titular hero.

No evidence of any spiders initially, although they were strongly hinted with the occasional scene containing a cobweb or two. Twelve minutes later, things changed and the title’s eight-legged star made its first appearance! Pretty good CGI and a big bugger too! Some yukky sound effects too!
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This was a pretty tense episode and away from the spiders, that mysterious American character added to the tension!

Twenty-four minutes in, and if you thought the first one was big, check out a larger member of the family with a penchant for American bodyguards!
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The new Who music is growing on me, but I haven’t heard a genuinely beautiful piece yet, as it’s all been very dramatic (to suit the scenes). Here’s hoping! Ahh, now we know who the American is!
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We’re now into the final ten minutes and the spiders are getting bigger. In fact, that big mother-of-a-spider is apparently called the Mother Spider. A bit of American stereotyping followed with our across-the-pond guest wanting to shoot his way out of trouble.

What’s this? Rapping to attract the spiders???? Really? Didn’t get that at all!!
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It’s now just five minutes to go before it ends and the big spider has been killed (by guess who..? No, not that Who!) …and then we seemed to be in the final scene with the Companions Friends re-joining the Doctor to accompany him on his travels – no doubt it’ll referenced as a tear-jerker in the press tomorrow!

Oh, and the Friends are now known as ‘Team Tardis’… Shades of Scooby-Doo I fear!

Nope, didn’t enjoy this one at all! A bit lightweight and superficial.
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