Doctor Who – Series 11, Episode 5 – ‘The Tsuranga Conundrum’

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Well, we’re halfway through this series and for me so far, it’s all been a bit underwhelming – except last week’s, which was even worse with its Pantomime bad-guy, a plodding script and characters who I just don’t relate to) – a real snorefest!


Well, let’s hope tonight’s episode is an improvement. I’ve deliberately NOT watched any of the trailers, so I’m going in cold. In its favour: the title, at least, sounds intriguing! It’s another written by Chris Chibnall, who as head honcho for the new Who has had a mixed reception to his previous scripts (his first: Series 3, Episode 7’s ‘42’ anyone?)
Five minutes in, and good news, this already feels more like a Who episode; and although the plot isn’t yet clear, there’s plenty of air-time for the new Doctor and JW is doing a great job.

After 10 minutes, the plot is becoming clearer – I think! Someone or something has managed to get on board the hospital ship.

15 minutes later, and this week’s monster appears! Convincing? Scary? Put it this way, I didn’t need the sofa to hide behind… Its USP is that it eats anything NON-organic. Hhhmmmm… not very convincing! A real laugh-out-loud monster-of-the-week
Sad smile
There’s a sub-plot about an alien who is about to have a baby – what made it unusual is that he’s male and the pregnancy term only lasts a week!

7.25: We’re now about halfway through tonight’s episode and it’s turning out to be very simplistic and child-like. As a result, two things now spring to my mind. First, the series feels like it’s most definitely aimed at kids and second (and I can’t believe I’m writing this), I’m starting to miss the more complex storylines of CB’s predecessor, Steven Moffat.

Five minutes to go and the alien has been thwarted and the baby has been born. Ho-hum!
Sad smile
So, what do I think of it so far? In short, I expected the new-look episodes and series in general, to grow on me by now – the acting is good – but for me the scripts are just too obvious.

Oh dear!!

3 Star

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