Floats my Boat!

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Another first today for me, as David & I travelled over to Leamington to visit the Annual International Model Boat Show for 2018 at the Warwickshire Events Centre. Today was the first day, and the event runs until Sunday.

Programme and more information HERE (.pdf)

We arrived just before the doors opened at 10am – and the car-park was already looking busy. As we took the short walk, we could see there was also a queue forming outside the doors.

Luckily, it all moved pretty quickly, and we were soon inside out of the cold wind that was blowing across the parking area.

First impressions? Pretty good actually!
There were exhibits as far as the eye could see together with a indoor pool ready for the demos later.

From Speedboats, Frigates, Lifeboats, Ferries, Cruise Liners and Yachts, most types were represented, some were static and some were remote controlled. A few looked home-made whilst other didn’t and were works of art.

They even had a 3d printer on the go making parts to order! Around the perimeter, there stalls selling kits and all the parts to make a boat from scratch


..but my favourite by far was this little beauty…

…the ThunderTiger. A fully equipped submersible complete with GoPro camera and floodlights allowing it to dive to 15 feet and beam the image back to the Owner’s remote control!

We stayed for about two-hours having watch one of the pool demos and checked out each display in detail. All-in-all a surprisingly enjoyable experience.

On the way home, I treated David to lunch – Greggs off the A14 near Kettering for the princely sum of £7.05!

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