Techy Day with Ian

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I spent the morning with my good friend, Ian, working on sorting out some problems he was experiencing with his Netbook and Laptop. We managed to sort out the Netbook in no time at all, but the Laptop with its constant pop-up screen on boot-up saying ‘cannot install status.msi’ proved to be a little more challenging!

We decided it was best to leave the Laptop with me, so I could work on it over the next few days. In fact, after a bit of research this afternoon, and the use of a little-known free app by Microsoft (now withdrawn by them) called ‘installer cleanup utility’, and a bit of tweaking, I managed to solve the problem. The only glitch being that the utility seems to have stopped any of Ian’s MS Office programs working. Still, they can easily be re-installed.

So, tomorrow, I plan to give the Laptop a bit of spring-clean, getting rid of any redundant files and programs, and it’ll then be as-good-as-new!

…a very productive day!

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