Job Done in Dunstable!

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Headed off to Toddington in Dunstable this morning to catch up with long-time friend, Angela C.

The journey there took longer than expected – it should have been around an hour, but with the M1 near Flitwick being dug up in both directions, it made my progress VERY slow! 😟

Central Toddington

We made good use of time catching up with each other’s news and rolling in some techy problem-solving relating to Angela’s phone and her laptop.

The food offer was ‘simple fare’ and where the service was as good as remember it when we first discovered the place last August for a similar get-together! 👍😍. It was a very productive morning, where all-but-one of the issues were solved, leaving ‘why no spell checker in Outlook?’, something for me to do some more research on.

At just after 1 o’clock, the final task of the day was successfully bluetooth-ing Angela’s phone to her car – and it worked a treat! Thankfully, it was a much smoother journey heading north for home (even though the roadworks were still slowing things down) and I was home just after 3.

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