Toddington Trip

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Off to catch up with a long-time friend (and ex-Trainer colleague from our British Airways project), Angela C.

Quaint Toddington
Bistro Twenty Four

We normally do this once a year, and it’s a great opportunity to combine a ‘social’ plus offering a bit of 1-to-1 ‘technical support’ for Angela too! Our venue of choice? Bistro Twenty Four that’s located in Toddington, about halfway between us.

In spite of the name, the Bistro isn’t open 24 hours a day (but it does trade seven days a week). Parking was a bit of a challenge, with a few spaces along the high street (but limited to two hours) or nearby side-streets (for free).

We had a great opportunity to catch up with each other’s news and sort out all the techy queries, leaving us free to enjoy some long chats over some tasty food.

The menu was fuss-free (but we’d missed the breakfast option by about 10 minutes!) The staff were spot-on with their service, where it was good to see them smiling and looking like they were enjoying what they were doing. The food came quickly (and with even more smiles) and we were soon tucking in!

Chicken Panini with a side-salad

Today ticked a lot of boxes for us both, and I’m pretty sure we’ll make this our ‘go-to’ meeting place for future get-togethers (even though we’d both encountered some congestion at each end of our journey). This is definitely worth a visit if you’re this way and looking for some light bites! πŸ‘πŸ˜‹

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