Holiday – Day 10 (New Year’s Day)

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32 degrees C. Sunny, but breezy

Watching the fireworks into new year’s day was spectacular. It was probably the best display we’ve ever seen!

We stayed up until around 2.30 after consuming a few bottles of champagne!

We plan to take it easy today as it’s a ‘no-port’ day. So, a late breakfast, a few postcards, some quick research on where to eat (for Karen’s 50th Birthday tomorrow) and we were ready to do nothing much!

Ralph and I challenged the girls to a round of Crazy Golf. We won, but we all had our moments of brilliance – including a hole-in-one for me!

Then, we crashed out on deck for the rest of the afternoon.

I took a snooze in the room at around 4.30.

Porto Belo tomorrow…

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