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So, I ordered my new car on Tuesday and yesterday, the dealership rang me to say that the finance proposal had been declined! WHAT! UNBELIEVABLE! That’s the closest I’ve been to throwing a strop for a long time!

I’ve been buying cars for 20 years on finance and never, ever, ever had a problem. The previous three years have been the best on record both in terms of net profit and turnover – and what was the leasing company’s comment? “you don’t make enough money!”

Err, that does not compute. Anyway, time then, to demonstrate some stuff that I teach – assertive behaviour. I rang the leasing company and spoke to one of their 1st-line support crew. He wasn’t particularly helpful and suggested I: ‘write in and ask one of the Underwriters to ring me’. Yeah, right! I suggested (assertively) that this would just delay things, and couldn’t he just ask someone to ring me; or better still, could he put me through to the Underwriter who made the decision. Apparently his rules state that Underwriters don’t speak to customers, so that was a dead end – but on a more positive note, apparently CHIEF Underwriters do! So I asked for one to call me back.

In all honestly, I wasn’t expecting a call. But I did get one! He was very polite, explained the situation, and gave me some advice on how I might challenge the decision. Brilliant!

A quick call to my Accountant at Duncan and Toplis, and a comprehensive email was winging its way to the leasing company, demonstrating that I am actually very solvent, and always have been. The document also showed my turnover and profit for the last 20 years.

Happy Bunny!!!This morning, I got a call back from the same Chief Underwriter – good news, after some re-analysis of my figures, he’d reversed the decision – in my favour – we’re back to ‘Plan A’.


Today’s learning point: “If you don’t ask, you don’t get!”

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