Boys and their Toys (Part 479)

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After a lot of research towards the end of 2010, I popped into the local Vauxhall dealership today to do the deal for my next car. This follows a very enjoyable three-day-test-drive just before Christmas of the Vauxhall Insignia.

The superb Volvo S60 came a close second – but the fact that my nearest Volvo dealer is in Northampton and the S60 didn’t have quite as many ‘toys’, £-for-£, the balance tipped in favour of the Insignia. I just can’t decide on the colour though. Silver looks nice (although, I’ve had a silver car before), and so does their Waterworld – a blue shade (I’ve never had a blue car before)… but is it too blue? White looks really sporty, but it’ll be a nightmare to keep clean and I can’t get the light leather upholstery with that colour!!!! Decisions, decisions!

OK, OK enough indecision already! I’m going to choose Silver Lake, which not surprisingly is err, silver.
It’ll look a bit like the one in the photo below (it’s hard to find any photos of an Insignia in silver with the VXR body-kit and the 20-inch rims).
Insignia with VXR Body Kit
They estimate the delivery will be towards the end of March.

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