It’s a Hugs life!

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A significant day and hugging is back on the menu! Why? Today, we entered Step 3 of the Government’s roadmap out of Lockdown. ?

The newly revamped Beckworth’s on re-opening day

…and talking of menus, Jo and Janet picked us up and we headed off to the newly revamped Beckworth’s Emporium for one of their legendary breakfast experiences.

So much choice!

The girls ate light, but I didn’t! – trying out their ‘Emporium Grill’ (purely for research purposes, of course) to check whether it was as good I remember it!

Perfect! ?

It was! ?

The service was also excellent, although we were reminded as to why the restaurant is called ‘The Glasshouse’. Phew! What a scorcher! ? – we felt like tomatoes in a greenhouse! Luckily, our Server, Thomas, opened the nearby doors and we cooled-off. It was certainly too hot for hugging!

Suitably roasted stuffed, we paid our dues and took a quick look around the revamped retail space and garden centre (that have both certainly grown in size and range, since pre-lockdown). It was all very impressive, and we plan to take a more detailed look when we’re not all feeling so full! ?

All-in-all, an impressive space that’s certain to grow in popularity!

Thanks for treating us Jo and Janet! ??

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