Coronavirus – Return to Normality!

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Normality? Err, not quite! ?

Next Monday – June 21st – was supposed to be ‘Freedom Day’, the day that everything returned to normal. No restrictions to indoor gatherings, retail and theatres fully re-opened and no facemasks required anywhere etc etc – perfect! ?

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But it obviously wasn’t meant to be – all because of a surge in the Indian or delta variant!  

The PM appeared on TV this evening, just after 6pm, and delivered the bad news. I don’t think anyone was really surprised at what was said, as most of the newspapers had predicted as much, late last week. Still, nothing like the face of a sombre BoJo to depress us all! ?

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BoJo delivering the bad news!

The new review date is now going to be the 19th July. According to the PM, by then, we will have jabbed many more people…

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…more specifically, all adults (18+) will have had their first jab.

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Possibly the only two pieces of good news is that the ’30 limit’ for Weddings (and Funerals) has been removed (although guests will still have to observe socially distancing and encouraged not to dance!). Also, Care home residents who temporarily leave a site will not have to self-isolate for 14 days on their return.

Controversially (and this will fill the letters pages of newspapers in the coming days!) the Wimbledon singles finals, some Euro 2020 games and the British Grand Prix will be among the few sporting events allowed to open their doors to large crowds before July 19. There’s a feeling of inconsistency to it all!

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In conclusion, it’s worth remembering that the 21st June was ALWAYS a ‘not before date’ rather than the perception that it was the day for removal of all restrictions. Interestingly, Boris has commented that the 19th July will be a terminus date – so maybe that means we will all be back to normal then???? ?

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