Meal with Ian and Mags: The Encore

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I drove over to Stratford-upon-Avon to meet up with Ian. He’d asked for my help with a thorough review of all his technology. We aimed to determine what he needed to integrate his music, data files, photographs in the most efficient way in preparation for his retirement – we also talked about the best sort of smart-phone to meet his needs.

The Encore










Then we jumped in the car and drove into town for our normal three-monthly catch-up with Mags. Mags has chosen The Encore just on the corner of the High Street. We were well impressed – great service, an imaginative menu (I had chorizo sausage blended with Mash with a poached egg on top smothered in hollandaise sauce. Sounds mucky – tasted DELICIOUS!!)

As is usual with us three, we were all done by 9pm and after agreeing the date for our next get-together – The Lamport Swan in err, Lamport, I jumped in the car and headed home. Traffic was light and I got in just after 10pm. Looks like snow tonight, either that of a very thick frost.

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