Social, Social!

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Today, was one of those days where things were ‘full-on’! 😏😏

All good things though, as it was 100% social!!

The Clark’s (Roy, Susan and Lauren) visited us for lunch where Ann had produced miracles in the kitchen with a choice of two starters, two mains and two desserts. Unusually for me, I didn’t take any photos! Must have been the heat (and I don’t mean the heat in the kitchen!) – as they say: ‘Cor! What a skorcher! A lovely day, in every respect.

Then, it was off to Rosi’s for ‘the cheese course’ (our other neighbours – sans Tom, Julie, John & Trish – had been there since lunchtime). This all coincided with England’s first match in the postponed Euro 2020, where we won, 1:0 against Croatia. Again, no photos; again I blame the weather – if the morning had been hot, the late afternoon was still really hot requiring to frequently change positions on Rosi’s patio!

A nice problem to have! 😎

Our busy day caught up with us (poor loves!) and we left just after 8pm! Thanks for hosting things Rosi! It was good to get together after all this time! 😊

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