Quivering in Kettering

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With the local residents advised to stay indoors, and the adjacent roads closed or on diversion – it can only mean one thing!

No, not another major crime in Kettering, just Ann and I taking archery lessons! 😁

The coaching is split into two-parts. Part 1 is a class just for us two (as we couldn’t make the official first lesson, last Saturday) whilst Part 2 is where we join the rest of the group to fine-tune our skills. We’d already had a ‘go with a bow’ at our recent Warner Weekend and motivated by the fact we both actually hit the target (and no livestock nor humans were harmed) we’re ready for this!

But are they ready for us? 😉😁

Part 1 – Friday

4.00pm: We met John Bosworth who will be our Coach. He’s pretty well-known rounds these parts for his archery skills being Chairman of Kettering Archers as well many other archery-related activities. We’re in very safe hands then! We spent a generous two-hours with John at the local Cricket Ground, and learned a lot about the art and science of this sport. We also met a lot of other Club members too! A great evening! 👍

Ann with Bow
Double-top to finish!

Part 2 – Saturday

10.30am: We arrived at the local Catholic Church (St Edwards) for the concluding part of our Beginner’s Course. It was a full-house, with around another dozen-or-so willing delegates – all ages, from kids to oldies, like us – taking part. Full-marks to Lee for leading today’s session.

Plenty of Bows on hand to practise with

There were a number of the Archery Club staff there too – and everyone was very generous with their time.

Club staff on hand for 1-to-1 tuition too!

The three hours passed really quickly, and by the end, we’d had plenty of practice-time to develop our technique. Hats-off to all the Coaches offering their expertise! Plus, we got some very professional handout materials too, to remind us of the key learning points from today…

Training materials too!

1.35pm: The Session finished with the presentation of our Certificates… 👍😊

Overall, it had been a very impressive couple of sessions. First-class tuition from some very nice people too! The next stage is to visit the Club (they meet on Fridays and Sundays) to carry on practising! We’re both up for that!

Football’s Coming Home?

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..and Tennis too… well almost… to OUR home anyway…

We, as a nation, didn’t make it to the finals, but that didn’t stop us having the neighbours round for a very late Lunch – to enjoy the World Cup Final and/or the Tennis Men’s Singles Final.

With a record crowds expected at both sporting events, ours was slightly less – 16!!! Some superb planning was required that exhausted most of our cutlery, chairs, oven space and fridge capacity!

Our planning began early – yesterday, in fact, and today’s weather didn’t disappoint! (this warm weather becoming almost regular and predictable).

All our garden furniture in use, including a second table off to the right (just out of shot)

Sun Lounger reserved for Rosi

Bar almost ready…

Table almost ready…

…and a condiment station too!

Wow! Thanks Rosi!

Most of us watched a little of the Tennis before switching over just before 4pm for the Soccer. I think at this stage, most of us weren’t particularly interested in the nations playing (as England were knocked out at the semis), but it was a good sociable atmosphere – and the imaginative range of food on offer (a massive collaboration between us all) made it a feast to remember. Ann had created enough Moussaka for the whole street as well as some delicious hot chicken-wings. Rosi’s very attractive and delicious fruit-salad was certainly the most visual of treats whilst Stella made a Malteser Cheesecake.

With Karen and Trish on Cheese Duty, whilst Jo and Janet took care of pre-meal nibbles, we were all set.

By 8.45pm, it was all over, and with the dishwasher on overtime – and overnight – we slowly returned the house to its normal state. I think every piece of cutlery was used, as well as most of the glasses. Strangely, hardly any beer was drunk and we had a lot of nibbles left over!

What a mega-event!