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I caught up with Angela today at the King’s Arms in Tring. The venue was chosen because it was roughly halfway between us.

I thought I knew Tring, but as I approached the town, it all felt very unfamiliar! ?. What a lovely town though! – very leafy, a nice parade of shops and where the houses looked very posh! Our table was booked for noon, but we both arrived early – around 11.30. Trust us to pick a Pub where it didn’t have a car park – I think we each got the last space in the road opposite. So, just time for a quick natter ‘in the street’ before the Pub opened its doors bang on time.

It was great to catch up face-to-face, rather than via Zoom or over the phone – and together with the service and the food, we both had a great time catching up with each other’s news and of course, putting the world right! ?

We left just before 3pm, but both of us had ‘sticky’ journeys home, meaning we didn’t get in until about 4.45pm.

Just in time for England v Germany, part of (the postponed) Euro 2020 tournament! I needn’t have rushed! Those that know me, know that my soccer knowledge is legendary ?. IMHO, the first half was a bit of a snore-fest, resulting in a nil-nil score after 45 minutes. The best thing was probably the fans’ singing!!! ??.

The second-half initially didn’t feel much better, but it got better (for us anyway!). A momentary increase in blood pressure in the 56th minute (for all the wrong reasons) as Germany’s Werner came far too close to scoring! ?. Then, after 78 minutes, just as Ann commented: “I think this might go to penalties”, along came England’s Sterling to pop one in the back of the net for us! ?. 80 minutes in and a poor pass by England left Germany’s Muller to surely equalise having an almost open goal – luckily for us, he missed! Phew!!! ?. Five minutes later, in the 75th minute, and we scored again, courtesy of Kane. Things were looking up – and England were now on fire!!! After 4 minutes of extra-time, as the whistle blew,

England were victorious! All of this means we’re through to the quarter-finals where we’ll face either Sweden or Ukraine.

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