Archery Outside-In

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Friday is here again and that means our Archery Lessons continue…

I’m flaggin’

This is our last week (for 2019) where the Club will be shooting outside (due to an earlier sunset affecting the light). Next time we move inside to a local school until March-time next year. Due to other commitments – including a holiday – we won’t be back until early November.

Whilst Ann continued with the traditional Bow, I joined the Longbow group again this week for some more Clout Archery ‘Clouting’ is where, rather than aim directly at a target, we aim for a flag firing arrows into the air – and this requires a very different technique.

The last time I was here, a couple of weeks back, my technique had taken a turn for the worse. At the time, I couldn’t quite figure out why, but tonight, all became clear. Dave, my Mentor, knew why, and consequently dropped me down to a lighter Bow (from 40lb. to around 25lb.). Apparently it’s a well-known issue, where novices, in a natural desire to move to heavier Bows in order to increase distance, sacrifice their technique, as they concentrate too much energy on ‘pulling’ the actual Bow. The issue is known as being overbowed.

Simples! 😁

With the lighter Bow, I immediately saw and felt an improvement! Not only was my technique now much better, I also found my arrow-grouping to be a lot better too! Dave also commented on my improvement, which helped my confidence enormously!

A great Lesson! 👍

Bow Best?

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It was our weekly Archery Class tonight!

So, after my generally sub-par performance last week, I’m hoping I’ll be on better form tonight – especially as my Mentor, Dave, is back to keep an eye on me!

Again tonight, conditions were perfect – not too warm, not too cold with a gentle breeze. It was a good turnout too, and we all noticed that it started to get dark a bit earlier impacting on how much time we had to shoot.

After a few rounds shooting at a target, I joined the Longbow group where Dave gave my technique a thorough examination. One of the things I’m noticing is that I can retain the said technique providing I’m there every week, but if I miss even a single lesson, then it’s a return to crapsville! 😮

As things turned out, tonight was a good night for me – my best performance for some time – and I shot right up until about 8.15 (when the lack-of-light stopped play). Unfortunately, I’m not there next week, so it’ll be interesting to see the impact of this on my technique next time.