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Nope, nothing to do with a misheard Bond movie – we went bowling at the Kettering Thunderbowl today!

We were last here back in May of this year with Paul & Sue – when it was my first visit! Back then, I started well but obviously peaked too early and ended up rubbish by the end of the game. In spite of that, a return visit was planned and we picked up Sue along the way (Paul’s ‘slumming it’ in Tenerife with Ben) to see if I could improve. What’s that? Ahh, the sound of fans NOT holding their breath! 😉


One thing you can say about the whole scoring process is that it’s very high-tech (maybe even more-so than last time?). No chalk on a blackboard here, instead an electronic scorecard with the option to link it to your phone. Even for me, it looked like a bit of a faff, but at least we got the scoreboard set up correctly with our names! 😁


And so, with Lane 7 all our own, and the surrounding area evacuated, we polished our balls and aimed for the target…


Do you know what? We didn’t do too badly. I found my form and was victoriousin the first, whilst Sue won the second, and final Frame.


By way of celebration, we then headed off to nearby Fox and Peony (our first visit) for a snack-lunch!

We’re going in!

Well, that was a very pleasant experience! A straightforward menu all at a sensible price – and all served with a smile! 😁. Best of all, Sue treated us! Cheers Sue! 😍

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