Big Boy Bow!

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If it’s Friday night, then for us, it can only mean one thing: stick ’em with the pointy end! Sorry, I do of course mean… outdoor archery practice, courtesy of Kettering Archers.

And what a lovely evening for it!

Ann and I continued to refine our technique with the bows we used last time – an 18-pounder for Ann and a 22-pounder for me!

But just to make things more interesting, and by way of a change, I also had a go with a ‘big boy bow’ – a 30-pound longbow! No sights, no arrow guide – and ultimately for me, no feeling in my fingers! 😵‍💫

Imagine the Bullworker product, twice the size, half the weight with at least 10 times the difficulty – AND with an arrow connected to it! Boy, that extra poundage made all the difference!, but at least I hit the target! However, the physical strength needed to pull, hold steady, take aim (remember, no sights!) and release, meant I felt like I’d had a serious upper-body workout. For the hour that followed, I had no feeling at all in the two bowstring-fingers on my right hand!

But I DO love a challenge, and so it’s more longbow for me next week, plus I’m moving up to a 24-pound standard practice-bow. What a manly pursuit this is!!! Just call me Little Steve*

*No don’t! 😉

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