Steve – Take a Bow!

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Friday evening – and our weekly Archery lesson..!

..and another warm evening too!! In fact, maybe a bit too warm!

After dabbling with that ‘big-boy’s toy’ last week known as the Longbow – this evening was more of the same for me, plus a trade-up to a heavier Practice Bow in the shape of a 24-pounder (two pound heavier than previously).

My Longbow

Meanwhile, Ann experimented with different bow-weights to consolidate her technique.

Ann looking menacing!

When the time came, my slightly heavier practice-bow made the Longbow feel easier to use than last week (it’s still a b****** to pull though!). However, in spite of the extra physical challenge, it’s now my favourite type, even though it’s a bit ‘old school’ by comparison.

But as much as I liked it, in order to avoid a repeat of last week’s NFfaD* Syndrome, John, the Chairman of Kettering Archers (and our Coach) supplied me with an essential bit of extra kit…

*Numb Fingers for a Day!

Known as a ‘finger guard’ (how do they think of these names!), it’s a crucial add-on that provides protection for an Archer’s fingers from the pressure of the bow-string cutting into the flesh whilst drawing the bow. It may not look very elegant, but it does the job perfectly! ?

..and maybe it made all the difference!!! Just look at that shot… and that’s using a bow without a sight??

Seriously though, it’s probably as good as it’s ever going to get for me..! So I milked the moment ?

Next week I’m giving the practice bow a break and spending the whole lesson on the Longbow! Standby Kettering A&E!! ?

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