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Where do I begin..?

Both Ann and I are getting serious about our Friday-night Archery Classes, and it was therefore time to start investing in some kit of our own.

So, earlier in the week, after some recommendations, we took the short drive to the local Archery Shop in Burton Latimer – TargetCraft – to begin stocking-up.

But I’m glad we got some directions beforehand, because you’d never find it ‘just by driving’ – even with a Sat Nav! Wow! This ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ for Archers, was naturally stocked with everything we needed, plus a whole lot more!! 😁

Time then NOT to be tempted by those shiny, shiny multi-coloured bows, precision-built arrows and everything in between – but stick rigidly to our small list (at least for today!)

Mission accomplished in that we only spent a tad over £30! Most useful acquisition of all – a guard for each of us to protect the inner-arm from the bow-string slicing into flesh on release! (and it certainly does, especially with novices like us!). Ouch! 😫

No, not something from a Medieval torture kit…

Secondly, a glove for me to ease the pressure on the fingers when drawing a Longbow.

Steve had spotted TWO reasons why an Archery Glove doesn’t work as Winter-wear! 😁

4.45pm: Nicki arrived, and is staying with us for most of the weekend. We took her along as a spectator for tonight’s archery adventure, ensuring that she positioned herself in a safe place (in front of the target, in my case!)

6.15pm: We each did our own thing tonight, and even Nicki had a go!

Perhaps not one of my most productive evenings as Dave, my Coach was later arriving, but as they say: “every day is a school-day” and even with the lack of shooting opportunities, I picked up some useful tips! 😁

Any comments?