Cat Bath/Out with the Neighbours

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Biscuit and Bon-Bon
We took Biscuit and Bon-Bon for their routine ‘bath-dry-groom’ and ‘maim-the-handlers’ today. Apparently, Bon-Bon is the aggressive one whilst Biscuit takes in all in her stride!

Meal with Karen, Paul, Julie and Tom
We went out for a meal for our great neighbours to celebrate Julie and Paul’s birthday (both next week). We popped in to ‘The Bar’ which strangely is a bar. A very weird place – half finished, very loud music (grumpy ol’ man!) and too small (just five or six tables). We then took a short (cold) walk to the ‘Old Victoria’ pub – it’s very nice there and a massive contrast to ‘The Bar’.

So, time to eat. We tried out ‘Shaad’ – the new Indian & Bangladeshi restaurant that’s replaced the Coach House restaurant in Burton Latimer.

The food was great, prices very reasonable and staff very friendly

They also gave us a free bottle of champagne!

Then it was back to ours for a night-cap or three and a chance to try out Ann’s freshly made banana cake – delicious!!!!

Got to bed around 1am…

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