Thank Cod – it’s Curry Night!

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Those that know us, already know that we’re partial to a curry (or 10!) on a Saturday night.

Tonight, we invited long-time friends and neighbours: Paul & Karen and Dave & Rosi round to put the poppadums through their paces! We also tried something new tonight, where amongst the usual spicy staples – Curried Cod on Skewers made its first appearance here as part of the menu. Plucked from the Curry Guy Bible (by Dan Toombs) bought for me for my birthday last year by Paul & Karen we had ‘test-driven’ the recipe earlier in the week (tough job ehh?!?!) to ensure that it was perfect for tonight – and in our view, it was! 👍

And us being us, meant that in spite of only being six of us, we cooked enough food to feed about 100 (so guess what we’ll be eating for the rest of the week?!) 😉

Some of the preparation began the day before, on Friday afternoon – and so we got ourselves very organised! 👍

All Mighty Cod!

It turned out to be a great night. Plenty of chat, plenty of giggles – and of course, as we planned, plenty of food! In addition to the first-time fish dish of Curried Cod Skewers, we squeezed in…

Poppadums, Bhajis and Samosas

Lamb and Butternut Squash Rogan Josh

Chicken and Apricot Tikka Masala

Bombay Potato

Muttrah Cottage Pie (v)

followed by a refreshing Lemon Soufflé with Ice-cream Sorbet, with it washed down with some G&Ts, Guinness, 0% Freixenet and a couple of bottles of Red! Oh! and Teas and Coffees 👍

Wow! What a great evening! It had been fab to catch up for our first big ‘food event’ since Christmas.

After saying our goodbyes, we woke up the dishwasher for its first load of 2023 (with another to follow, looking at its workload). Ann dropped Dave & Rosi home whilst Paul & Karen took their short walk. Midnight came (and went!) by the time we’d tidied up.

And, in spite of healthy appetites all round, there were still enough leftovers to keep us TWO going for quite some time. 👍

We were full, we were tired, but it was so good to catchup with you all! 👍😘😘. We must do this again soon, but give it a month so we can clear the leftovers! 😁😋

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