David and Val here for Lamb!

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David and Val joined us for our normal monthly dining get-together. This time it was our turn to cook and Ann rustled-up a rather tasty leg-of-lamb and really good selection of vegetables. It was excellent! Ann had tried a new way of cooking it – a cross between roasting and steaming and it certainly paid-off – it was so moist. In her own words: “probably the tastiest lamb we’ve ever cooked.”

After the meal, Val popped back and picked up her MAC lap-top and took us through their holiday pics and I did the same with my NetBook. David and Ann commented that we both looked a bit geeky – surely not!

Before we knew it, it was 10.30. David and Val made the long trek home and we attempted to rescue the kitchen from the bomb that had hit it it!

…thanks heavens for a dish-washer!

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